Our Journey

Our story began with the hindsight that while fulfilling our everyday pursuits, most of us lose focus. We forget to take our journey from good to great. And as we stay fixated, Inertia continuously prevents us from taking action and improving with a growth mindset.

As globally renowned leadership expert & author of the #1bestseller series The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma said, ““The real trick in life is to turn hindsight into foresight that reveals insight”. Xpertflix is on a mission to convert our hindsight into foresight and empower individuals to take control of their lives soon.

In the process of helping them take reign of their career, we believed that working with a mentor or an xpert can truly help them unleash their true potential. It’s a life changing process that teaches us how to think and put our aspirations into effect.

Today, we are an AI powered knowledge sharing platform that revolutionizes the learning journey of professionals as well as students by connecting them (knowledge-seekers) with hand-picked domain Xperts. We give you the opportunity to seek guidance from the xpert of your choice in the language of your choice and learn insights into the domain of your choice.

Stop Hesitating, Invest in yourself


To continuously improve employability index for more productive & satisfied professional workforce across demographics


Empower every individual to maximize their true potential through the credible vehicle of mentorship
& coaching

Our Xperts, Our Partners

We have handpicked our xperts on the basis of our certified decision science algorithm & personalized on-boarding selection calls.

They are our partners in spirit, driven to make our mission their own. They echo the challenges in the current education system. The main challenge being lack of focus on human skills & personality development of an individual to strengthen their employability quotient

Our Xperts come with vast expertise in human connections. They understand the importance of working with an xpert or a mentor in the growth years and believe that it inspires change & develops self-awareness among knowledge-seekers.

They can be your sounding board, confidant, coach, 2nd opinion or a professional friend helping you reach your destination soon.

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